Having spent almost 20 years in the cycling industry, Kent Setsma brings a passion for the sport that is infectious. As a disciple of the late Dong Ngo, Kent understands the importance of what Nice Bike represents to its clients, quality equipment and quality customer service. Our clients trust us with their bikes, with their money, and even with their lives, and Kent, along with everyone else at Nice Bike, takes that responsibility seriously. We know that you could find cheaper gear, but when you buy your equipment at Nice Bike, you know you can have confidence in it when riding Colorado’s spectacular roads and trails.

Heading Nice Bike’s service department is David Albertson.  With hundreds of pro bikes assemble, thousands of wheels built, suspension overhaul or rebuild your Campagnolo shifter, David is equally adept at any of them. With an eye for detail, you can be confident riding Colorado’s breathtaking mountain passes, knowing that David has cared for your equipment. And yet, despite all of his technical knowledge, you will never meet a more humble and kind individual. He would never take the credit, but he actually coined the phrase, “there is no such thing as a stupid question”.

Nice Bike is very proud to have the MacGyver of Bike Mechanics, Scott Black.  With over 25 years of mechanic experience, there is very little that he hasn’t seen or fixed.  And, even when faced with a issue he’s never seen before he can find a way to fix it.  We’d even call it a Superpower.