Nice Bike’s Staff and their Superpowers:

 Nice Bike’s Owner is David Albertson.  He bridges the gap between the Service department where he has had years of experience and the Sales departement.  He takes his expertise learned from assembling hundreds of pro bikes, building thousands of wheels, and overhauling tons of suspensions and pairs it with a passion for playing with the nicest bikes available.  This results in custom bicycle builds found nowhere else!  Despite the amazing amounts of knowledge, he is one of the most humble and kind people that we’ve been lucky enough to meet.  He would never admit to it, but his kindness is his Superpower.

Nice Bike is very proud to have the MacGyver of Bike Mechanics, Scott Black.  With over 25 years of mechanic experience, there is very little that he hasn’t seen or fixed.  And, even when faced with a issue he’s never seen before he can find a way to fix it.  We’d even call it a Superpower.