We are a small business that is dedicated to bringing you the absolute best in cycling – without hubris.

We are a family that wants to share our love of cycling with you – without attitude.

We are a bicycle shop focused on custom builds that meet your needs – without pretension.

We are excellence without ego. We are Nice Bike.


We offer the expertise gained from years of cycling knowledge and experience – without derision.

We offer a sales floor dedicated to high end equipment and a service department geared towards all riders and bicycles – without vanity.

We offer mechanics who you will know by name and by beer preference – without arrogance.

We offer you excellence without ego.


You get a small independent shop where the owner (Overlord) is almost always here to share his expertise – without condescension.

You get a service department where you can hang out and get to know your mechanics – without scorn.

You get to enjoy our friendly atmosphere, our funny pooches and our shared love of cycling – without aloofness.

You get excellence without ego.



Full Custom Build.

This begins with a consultation with the following foci: rider assessment, frame nuance, gearing ratio explanations and wheel characteristics as well as assisting in the selection of every component from cassette to bars to spoke color.  The Custom Build also includes the Pro Fit to make sure it fits perfectly.

Complete Tune.

First we remove the drivetrain from your bike (chain, cassette, derailleurs, crank set) as well as the brakes and wash them in our Ultrasonic cleaner.  The Ultrasonic cleaner is an incredibly thorough, as well as eco-friendly, cleaning method.  While the parts are in the tank we clean and detail the entire frame.  Then we true and tension your wheels, service the free hub and adjust the bearings.  Next we check the bottom bracket and head set bearings.  When the parts in the cleaner are finished we sun dry them on our elaborate drying deck.  While they are drying we lube all pivot points on the derailleur and brakes, as well as the chain, cables and housing.  After all that we reassemble, adjust and finally test ride your bike to ensure that you get the most complete tune.

Custom Hand-Built Wheels.

This includes a consultation to review information such as hub selection and bearing qualities, differences between clincher and tubular, spoke counts, spoke and nipple colors, spoke lacing design and an explanation of rim width and depth.  After which, your consultant will assist in the selection of parts listed above to ensure your wheels meet your rotational needs.

Pro Fit.

This typically starts with the rider assessment which will provide the fitter with the following information: typical ride length, goals, injuries, current issues, flexibility and strength.  Then the fitter will examine the following to help insure a proper fit: cleat placement (fore, aft and tilt), leg extension, knee alignment, saddle height (fore, aft and tilt), handlebar width and lever positions and stem length and rise.  The Pro Fit may take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.


Campagnolo EPS
Shimano Di2
Hand Built Wheels
Pro Level Bike Builds
Straight Up Awesomeness


In 2011, David started working on a dream to create a new kind of cycling shop.  He called it Nice Bike and wanted it to be the home of nice people, nice bikes and nice dogs.  He wanted to have the opportunity to customize bicycle builds for individuals who shared his passion of pedaling and his love for the highest end equipment.

To achieve his dream it was important to choose his crew and clients carefully (Nice people, first).  He thought about where he had come from– The Denver Spoke.  Now just a legend in time, The Spoke had given David his platform, his drive and his contacts.  The most important Denver Spoke connection he had was his old mentor Dong.  Even though Dong isn’t with us anymore, he was still able to provide a long list of awesome cyclists to work and shop at Nice Bike.

Then David went about finding some nice bicycle brands to bring into the shop (Nice bikes, second).  He loved what he learned about Pinarello, Colnago, and Focus.  He discovered Bont shoes and brought in Catlike helmets.  He made sure the shop was a Campagnolo Pro shop so he could offer the best components.

And then came the dogs (Nice dogs, third). Jasper the Beagle spends most of his day holding down the floor of the service department.   Leaving it up to his brother, Alistair the Chihuahua, to be in charge of Counter Intelligence (otherwise known as hanging out on the sales counter).

But David (and dogs) couldn’t manage it all alone and that’s where Sacha comes into play.  With 5 years of high end retail experience and a focused need to organize, she has helped the shop step it up to meet the needs of their growing clientele.  That and she really classes up the joint! (It’s just not her Superpower.)

Some Fun Numbers.

Bar Tape Wrapped (ft.)
Spokes Laced
Derailleurs Adjusted
BB Creaks Fixed


We’re Like Family.

Nice Bike's Owner is David Albertson. As our Corporate Overlord and Human Paradigm Director, he lives up to his titles.


Corporate Overlord

Nice Bike’s Senior Directives Planner, Sacha, brings a fresh and unique perspective. Her focus includes everything the guys won’t do.


Senior Directives Planner

Our two shop assistants in charge of dynamic customer interactions are Jasper and Al.

Shop Pups

Dynamic Interactions Assistants

Word on the Street.

Clients first. Everytime.

Thanks to the fantastic advice and knowledge of the Nice Bike staff I went from being a part time bike enthusiast to hitting the road with proper knowledge and equipment to take my hobby to the next level. From the expertise of the mechanics to the knowledge of international brands of gear, I have never been steered in the wrong direction by this team of professionals.

Kelby K.

Dave Albertson is similar to a chef/owner of a hidden gem Italian bistro. Actually, he’s the mechanic/owner of a hidden gem bike shop called Nice Bike. Serious cyclists need a home shop that they can trust to keep them rolling and rely on to keep them technologically current. They champion brands like Colnago, Pinarello and Intense to name a few. In the gear department, these guys curate a tidy selection of exactly what you are looking for, be it a simple tube or a slick new helmet. Bottom line: if you are looking for a meaningful relationship with your bike shop, look no further than Nice Bike and the good people who work there.

Clarke B.

I've finally found my bike shop!! No better-than-thou egos here. Only friendly and knowledgeable service and a great locale. I'll be back and I'll spread the word. Thanks, Nice Bike guys!!

Susan E.

This is hands down the BEST bike shop in Denver! Not only do they carry great products, but their customer service is compared to none! Super Knowledgeable and super friendly. I will never go to another shop as long as I live.

Daniel B.

First, it's in the alley and can be hard to find, but totally worth knowing about.
This is a great shop for dedicated cyclists. They are outstanding at fits, have a broad inventory of new bikes, and a surprisingly thorough spare parts inventory. The reason I keep coming back, though, is the staff. They have the best mechanics in the state, and are always nice and fun to be around. The shop has a great atmosphere.

Matt D.

I've taken my bike for repair twice. They provide excellent customer service, and expert repair. The prices are a bit cheaper than other expert shops. It was a walk-in in the busy spring time. Turnaround was faster. Didn't have to make an appointment (which is inconvenient, and a bummer to have to wait). Parking and service entrance are around back.

Steve M.



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