The 2016 CF Cycle for Life will be on August 27.  We are so excited to be putting the team back together!

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In 2015, Nice Bike’s Suicide Shifters were the largest team represented at the CF ride!  We had 38 riders join our team, and 35 show up to ride!  (As you can tell from the photo, almost the entire team was wearing Nice Bike kits!)

nicebikes team photo


The team was able to raise around $15,000 which is amazing and was only slightly less cool once we found out that One Republic (yes that band) had donated $50,000 to another team.  Too cool!  (Though if anyone knows the Rolling Stones please have them contact our shop!)



We also had a bunch of firsts in 2015:

The first year David gave a rousing speech at the start of the ride (which actually made a lot of people cry).



The first year we had an injured rider on our team! Poor Greg and poor Greg’s new Nice Bike jersey ripped in the crash.

The first year we had a team member get lost during the ride! Daniel, if you see your own teammates waving at you please join them.  Do not ride the other way!

And the first year that David had family come to cheer him on.  Thanks to Pilar and John for travelling so far to join us!



What’s in store for Team Nice Bike in 2016?

We’d love to have a whole new bunch of firsts to share… like the first time we raised the most money as a team, the first time we had a team of over 50, and the first year every teammate was representing Nice Bike jerseys!

Most of all, we’d love for you to join us!

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