Last time we talked, the Overlord was getting ready to fly to Europe with the custom painted Mapei Colnago C60.  Now, after spending three weeks riding through Germany, Belgium and France, he’s back.  And he brought back with him pictures of Johan Museeuw with the C60.  He even brought back pictures of the bicycle being signed by Johan Museeuw.

It went like this, Johan met up with the Overlord’s riding group one morning several weeks into the trip.  They had brought the Mapei C60 out and had it sitting in front of hotel for when Johan arrived.  The bike had been tucked away for most of the trip to keep it in pristine condition and so that morning the bike greeted Johan.

Johan was simply blown away by the bicycle.  His first reaction was to dig into his personal bag of cycling clothes and pull out a Mapei jersey to hand off to the Overlord’s deserving client.  In the heat of the moment, the client immediately stripped down and changed into the new (and awesome) jersey.  Then, the Overlord and his client began the detailing of the bike including all the months that led from its conception to its completion.  And after that, Johan just had to get on the bike and give it a little spin.

The photos of Johan on the bike make it look like it might have been built for a small person, but really, his legs are just that big!

They opted to wait to sign the bike until after a few days of riding and climbing, so as not to compromise the signature.

While riding together, Johan and our Overlord made a little swap, the Overlord gave away his Oakley reissue Lemond glasses and Johan gave him a jersey.  (If you happen to be on social media, it’s the jersey that the Overlord is rocking in the picture of him posing under the Izoard sign.)

After that final ride together, Johan laid the bike in his lap and graced it with his signature!

Make sure to check out all the photographs of the signing, riding and just hanging out with Johan below!