The Specs: BMC Teammachine SLR01 Disc with Dura Ace Di2 and Lightweight Meilenstein disc wheels

The initial thoughts after the first ride were centered on the ride quality.  The Overlord said it felt like riding on tubulars.  Meaning, the bike felt stable and fully connected to the road.  The Overlord was pleasantly surprised by the handling and overall ride quality, given the price point.

When looking at the bike, you think that it is going to be quite stiff, but in fact, it’s not overly rigid.  The stealth seat post clamp of the BMC helps to further smooth out the ride by allowing more seat post to be exposed.  The bike manages to be both responsive and comfortable enough to ride all day.

As we live in CO, it’s of utmost importance to see how the bike would climb.  It managed to exceed the Overlord’s expectations here as well.  It is a great climber.  Out of the saddle the bike feels lively and makes great use of the energy put into the pedals.

If the Overlord were to compare this bike to a current Nice Bike brand it would come closest to the Colnago V1-r.  As both are monocoque frames, they are both stiff throughout the entire frame and both are built for lightness.

Overall, the BMC Teammachine rides at the top of its price range.