Nice Bike has been carefully curating our store since day one.  Focusing on high end European road bikes and the components and gear to go with them.  From Pinarello to Colnago, from Catlike to Kask, from Enve to Lightweight, every brand was a conscious choice to carry only the best.

And because of this dedication to the best, we haven’t added a new brand to our line up since 2015 when we started carrying Colnago.  After much deliberation and even more riding, the Overlord has decided that BMC has made the cut.

With BMC, Nice Bike remains true to our guiding principles, as they offer high end European bikes with an emphasis on innovation and integration.

BMC offers many bikes at many levels, but here at Nice Bike we’ve chosen to focus on the Teammachine SLR01 Disc and the Roadmachine 01.  These two bikes are at the top of the ranges that BMC offers and are an excellent compliment to the brands we already stock.

By performing all their own research and development at the BMC Impec Lab in Switzerland, they can produce cutting edge cycling technologies that continue to make BMC a standout bicycle manufacturer.   They offer a monocoque frame with clean lines that only an integrated cockpit stem system and hydraulic disc brakes can offer.

Some of the new BMC bikes have already landed at the shop, so come in and check out these unique and streamlined bikes in person!

For a more in-depth review of the Teammachine SLR01, please check out our blog: