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Senior Directives Planner

Sacha began her journey with Nice Bike in 2012.  As her introduction to the cycling world, Nice Bike has been both a learning opportunity as well as a place to indulge her organizational quirks.  She might sound like she knows what she’s doing, but all of her cycling knowledge comes from hanging out in the service department.  It was there that she learned more important than the noise the bicycle makes is the noise the mechanic makes.   The sign of a nice bike is silence in the service department (though sometimes it’s the sound of the Dremel).  Her ability to do everything besides wrench on a bike might just be her Superpower.

About Me

Nice Bike’s Senior Directives Planner, Sacha, brings a fresh and unique perspective. Her focus includes everything the guys won’t do.

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+1 720 242 6455

My skills

All things but Wrenching
Directive Planning